Beauty Secrets Revealed

One: Is baby shampoo good for me, too?

Yes, especially people with sensitive scalps benefit from gentle cleansing. Many commercially available shampoos for adults contain detergent substances (so-called tensides) that can trigger allergies and scalp irritations in sensitive people. So if you suffer from dandruff, you should try a baby shampoo.

The only disadvantage: If you use many styling products, you may have to shampoo your hair several times, because baby products contain milder ingredients and do not remove all residues the first time.

Do wrinkle creams really help?

Absolutely. “For ingredients such as vitamin A acid, vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and certain polypeptides, large patient studies were able to prove the effect,” says dermatologist Dr. Thomas Brinkmeier from Dortmund, who himself has published various scientific research papers. These ingredients have a natural facelift and positive effect on the appearance of the skin. However, they cannot work miracles in the long run: “From a certain wrinkle depth, only further forms of treatment such as filler, Botox or peeling procedures are a promising option for visible improvement.”

The real secret of young looking skin lies in sun protection. And the rule here is: if you start early, you don’t look old later. “Sun protection creams in young years are more effective than anti-wrinkle creams in old age,” says the skin expert. “In addition to nicotine and environmental pollutants, skin ageing is accelerated primarily by UV radiation – and only to a small extent by genetic factors.

How is it that some fragrances last for many hours and others evaporate in a flash?

This is due to the composition. Perfumers distinguish between head, heart and base notes. The top note is most intense in the first few minutes and is usually decisive for buying. It often consists of fresh, light nuances such as lemon, orange or bergamot, but disappears relatively quickly.

Then you can smell the longer-lasting heart note, which is often obtained from heavier aromas such as raspberry, jasmine or violet. The foundation of the fragrance is the base note, which adheres to the skin for many hours due to its heavy ingredients such as amber, cedar or sandalwood. The more base note there is in the composition, the longer the fragrance lasts.

Why should you avoid the eye area when creaming and peeling?

Firstly, because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and therefore more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin. Therefore, only special care products with a particularly light consistency should be used for this batch. Secondly: to prevent what gets in the eye. If it does happen, please rinse with plenty of clear water – always in the direction of the nose.

How do I get pimples back in a jiffy?

Not at all, many experts claim. Because pressing on a pimple increases the risk of aggravating the inflammation or getting a scar. So much for theory. But let’s be honest: Who wants to go to the office or even to a date with such a nasty thing on their nose?

Therefore here is our ultimate solution strategy: Remove the make-up completely. Allow your face a 10-minute sweat bath to open the pores. Fill a bowl with very warm, steaming water and hold the face over it. Put a towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. For those in a hurry: Cover your face with a damp, warm washcloth for 5 minutes.

Wash your hands carefully to keep them free of germs. Clean a sharp needle with dishwasher detergent and then immerse it in alcohol for about 20 seconds (from the pharmacy, it should have at least 70 percent to disinfect safely). Gently scratch or lightly prick the upper skin layer of the pickle. But please be very careful! Now wrap clean cosmetic tissues around your index fingers. Press lightly from the outside inwards and stop immediately if blood or clear liquid escapes.

How can I tell that a product is no longer good?

It somehow smells disgusting.

Your face cream smells like smells? Then it is too old or contaminated by contact with the fingers. On average, deodorants, creams and lotions last about a year. Tip: Use small spatulas to remove the day cream – or tubes. They are less susceptible to microbes.

It looks different.

Crumbly instead of liquid and no longer white, but grey? If the colour or consistency has changed, then fingers off and into the garbage! Over time, ingredients can spoil, for example if they have been exposed to strong sunlight. Tip: always store everything in a cool and dark place.

It contains uninvited guests.

Small, black dots or even mould are the clearest signs of decay. Just scrape it off and use the rest? No way! Unless you like allergic reactions.

Tip: Always protect eye shadow or powder from moisture, then it lasts much longer.

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