Bingo and Keno

You can also find lottery games in the Internet casinos, although the game selection is rarely large. Often there are only one or two Bingo or Keno variations. Nevertheless, these online casino games have their fans, especially in America and Great Britain. Although bingo is well known in this country, keno has established itself in recent years and is also offered in the state lottery. Especially interesting is the possibility of winning if you haven’t hit a single number. The advantage of bingo or keno on the Internet is that you never have to wait for the next draw and can decide for yourself how much you want to bet.

Video Poker

Video poker games were only invented in the 70’s, when the first PC´s slowly conquered private households. These games have hit the nerve of players who don’t trust themselves to play against other players for real money. In addition, a game round does not last minutes, but only a few seconds, which makes the game very entertaining. Below I have listed the payout odds of the Jacks or Better variant. The payout tables of other Video Poker games like Deuces Wild or Aces & Faces differ only insignificantly from this table, you should have a look at them at CasinoEuro.

Dice games

Like bingo and keno, the dice games in online casinos are rather a niche existence. This is mainly due to the fact that there are very few casino games with dice at all. The best known is Craps, of course, but hardly anyone really knows the rules of the game in this country. Personally, I prefer to play Sic Bo with three dice, where you place bets on different combinations of dice or numbers, similar to Roulette on a tableau. As you can see in the table, the payouts vary a lot like in Roulette or Sic Bo, but sometimes you can win up to 180 times the bet. As with Roulette Martingale, strategies can also be used here.

Arcade games

The Arcade Games are not games of chance in the classic sense. In this category the games can have the craziest rules. For example, you can bet on virtual horse races, play pub games like darts for real money, or play different Tetris clones where lines with the same colors disappear and pay out the corresponding payouts. It should be noted, however, that you cannot control these “skill games” such as darts or bowling yourself and the result depends solely on chance, which in turn takes away the appeal of these games. Personally, I prefer the kind of Tetris games where the paylines disappear, new blocks slip and more paylines are created, etc. Interesting examples of arcade games can be found at CasinoClub.

Scratch Cards

Technically, scratch tickets are actually lottery games. But unlike land-based casinos, where scratch cards are virtually non-existent, Internet casinos offer several of these online casino games to choose from. One can achieve e.g. with the Scratch Cards of the Europa Casino considerable profits.

Jackpot Games

The Jackpot Games are the most interesting games for me, because only here you can win the really big prizes. Of course, the chance to win a million is not very big, but you just have to challenge your luck, otherwise nothing happens. The biggest online jackpots can be found in the table below, more information about progressive jackpots can be found on this page, whereby two games in particular regularly attract attention with particularly high payouts: the Mega Fortune Slot and Hall of Gods. However, there are also smaller jackpots that are easier to win. For example, the small Age of the Gods Power jackpot is cracked every 30 minutes. The special feature of these jackpots is that you don’t have to win in the actual game to trigger the jackpot! You can try these god games on Ladbrokes, click here for example.

What is the distribution of games in an online casino?

The following graphic shows how the different games are distributed at the individual casinos. One can see very well that the focus of all providers is on the slot machines. In addition, relatively many Roulette and Blackjack games are offered. All other games are grouped under “other”, with Video Poker machines and scratch cards accounting for the largest share.


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