Content Marketing on Social Networks to Sell

Social media content marketing has changed the game. Social media has changed the way we communicate, consume and exchange information. Our habits and ways of interacting with the world have changed. All this leads us to a great reality: social networks have also changed the way in which companies sell and communicate with their target audience.

There is a great debate around social networks: whether they are really channels to sell or simply help to concretize the sale later in other channels. We believe that although the sale is not made specifically in the social platform, it is vital for communication with potential customers and can help channel those sales, either in an eCommerce page or in a physical store.

How Social Networks Can Help You Sell

Social Networks represent a great value for any company because they help build relationships with users. Social media marketing is about interacting but not through a sales language that we would use in other more advertising or traditional marketing channels, but they work as closer platforms in which we show our personality and more human face.

By building relationships with our followers we are working on the trust and engagement of those potential buyers who could then become customers. We can offer them valuable content that they want to share, that will take us to other users, which represents a greater reach as a company using content marketing on social networks.

Social networks represent a great channel to offer Customer Service, answer questions and comments, offer personalized information depending on the needs of each user and measure which areas need our greatest care. Social media is a great source of information about the content that interests our followers, what they share and what they consume, all this becomes keys that we must consider when offering our services, so that they are concrete solutions to those needs.

Social platforms will help you to capture the public and create awareness about your brand. Take advantage of this direct window to observe and analyze your audience. If you still need more reasons to convince yourself of the importance of content marketing in social networks, remember that comments and opinions about your brand in social networks can influence the decision to buy new prospects. You need to be there and do it right.

How a Business Should Speak on Social Networks

There is a recurring error in the way companies use social networks to achieve their business objectives. Many believe that these platforms are just another channel and intend to use the same language they use in other traditional media to boost sales. However, in social media it is necessary to create links, not to sell as a first impulse.

Offers useful information

Determine what things your audience needs and is interested in. Get to know them and discuss what information you can give them that will increase their chances of sharing that content. You don’t have to be the protagonist of those publications right away, put yourself in the user’s place and focus on him, give him attractive content, always considering the most effective way to elaborate the message and the nature of the platform in which you are communicating.

Don’t forget that Instagram is not the same as Twitter, nor is the latter the same as Facebook. Don’t try to repeat the same in all your social profiles, without considering that each community has its particularities.

Don’t sell yourself directly

We’re talking about generating valuable content, not promotions, offers and coupons everywhere. While we do not rule out that at some point in your campaign you can deploy dynamics and promotions to reward the loyalty of your followers, pure and hard sales should not be your standard speech on social networks.

Social media users don’t want to see on their feed billboards or magazine ads, they don’t want to see a sales catalog. They want to see creative, engaging, entertaining, informative and useful content. The key will be to design a social media content marketing strategy in which you can subtly include your brand in some of your publications, to communicate how you help or solve the problems of your followers.

Be closer and more human

If there is a space to show your personality and be a little more informal is that of social networks. Users use social networks to talk, even the shyest can have their say on these platforms, they want to be heard (read) and you will only capitalize on this if you make sure you provide an atmosphere in which they feel confident and taken into account.

Speak in a relaxed language, this does not mean that you will be less educated and helpful, it is simply a matter of being less formal and closer. It shows that behind the company there is a team of people working hard to help them, people like them, who are not just a logo and a slogan.

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