About Us

Social Media Tabs was created because of the need to establish a cutting-edge social media agency that would provide solutions to the music, entertainment and motivational chat industry. All of these industries share the same opportunity: How to avoid resorting to traditional marketing channels and connect directly with the end customer through the power of social media. Likewise, since Social Media Tabs emerged through the provision of services to the world as an expert social media agency,
Social Media Tabs is also an expert in social media marketing.

Social Media Tabs was founded by one of most famous celebrities, who now shares her own tactics and strategies to increase the following of a social media with celebrities and businesses. That brands had to go beyond traditional media and establish direct communication with their fans through social media. Businesses and celebrities now understand this, and are trying to learn how to use social media and communicate with their current and potential fans in an optimal way to attract more visitors – and business opportunities – to their digital media.

In creating Social Media Tabs, Surrounded with experts and social media specialists who knew how to take a brand, best represent it on the Internet and start building and optimizing social media communities while attracting fans and building networks that enhance future business opportunities.

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